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Know Which SnapPads to Sell at Every Dealership

Click one of the links below to view the compatible SnapPad packs by RV type. Use this as a guide when visiting RV dealerships to determine which products to offer. Scroll to the bottom for a chart of overall product popularity across all RV types.

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Top Products for Fifth Wheels

Fifth Wheels is our second biggest demographic and includes many of our best sellers. Our XTRA 6-Pack is our best-selling product overall, with the XTRA 4-Pack being a close second. The EQ Grand Lux set has become more popular lately and is gaining momentum. XTRA Square 6 for stabilizers is one of our newer products but has already seen overwhelming demand.

Product Name & SKUPopularityMAP PriceLeveling System
XTRA 6-Pack | XTRSP6#1$179.95LCI/Lippert®
XTRA 4-Pack | XTRSP4#2$129.95LCI/Lippert®
EQ Grand Lux 6-Pack | EQLXSP6#3$324.95Equalizer Systems®
BF 10 4-Pack | BF10SP4#4$229.95Bigfoot Hydraulic Levelers®
XTRA Square 6 4-Pack | XTRSQSP4#5$109.95LCI/Lippert®

Top Products for Class A Motorhomes

Class A Motorhomes have become our biggest market segment, with over 60% of our customers owning this type of rig. The value offering of SnapPads is especially strong with Class A’s, as the leveling gear can be especially hard to access.

Product Name & SKUPopularityMAP PriceLeveling System
PRIME 4-Pack | PRSP4#1$229.95Power Gear®
XTRA 4-Pack | XTRSP4#2$129.95LCI/Lippert®
EQ Octagon 4-Pack | EQ8SP4#3$229.95Equalizer Systems®
HiWay 8 4-Pack | HI8SP4#4$124.95HWH®
HiWay Plus 4-Pack | HIPLSP4#5$159.95HWH®
EQ Grand Octagon 4-Pack | EQ812SP4#6$249.95Equalizer Systems®
XTRA XL Plus 4-Pack | XTR12SP4#7$239.95LCI/Lippert®
HiWay 10 4-Pack | HI10SP4#8$179.95HWH®
HiWay 8 Bus 4-Pack | HI8BSP4#9$234.95HWH®
EQ Grand 4-Pack | EQ12SP4#10$269.95Equalizer Systems®

Top Products for Class B Motorhomes

Class B Motorhomes are our smallest market segment, mostly due to the lack of leveling systems on the rigs. There are a few SnapPads products that work with select Class B Motorhomes.

Product Name & SKUPopularityMAP PriceLeveling System
HiWay 8 4-Pack | HI8SP4#1$124.95HWH®
XTRA 4-Pack | XTRSP4#2$129.95LCI/Lippert®
EQ Compact 4-Pack | EQ7SP4#3$149.95Equalizer Systems®

Top Products for Class C Motorhomes

Class C Motorhomes are our third largest market segment, but is growing thanks to the compatibility of our Mini product lines. Class C Motorhomes also include Horse Trailers, which our EQ Stable was designed for.

Product Name & SKUPopularityMAP PriceLeveling Systems
XTRA 4-Pack | XTRSP4#1$129.95LCI/Lippert®
EQ Octagon 4-Pack | EQ8SP4#2$229.95Equalizer Systems®
BF 7 4-Pack | BF7SP4#3$124.95Bigfoot Hydraulic Levelers®
HiWay 8 4-Pack | HI8SP4#4$124.95HWH®
EQ Compact 4-Pack | EQ7SP4#5$149.95Equalizer Systems®
Mini 6 4-Pack | MN6SP4#6$109.95Various
PRIME 4-Pack | PRSP4#7$229.95Power Gear®
BF 10 4-Pack | BF10SP4#8$229.95Bigfoot Hydraulic Levelers®
EQ Stable 4-Pack | EQSTSP4#9$199.95Equalizer Systems®
EQ Plus 4-Pack | EQPLSP4#10$189.95Equalizer Systems®

Top Products for Travel Trailers

Travel Trailers are our newest, fastest growing segment. With the development of our new smaller XTRA Square 6 and Mini Square 5, along with our existing Mini 6 & 5.5, SnapPads are now compatible with most major Travel Trailer brands, including Airstream.

Product Name & SKUPopularityMAP PriceLeveling System
XTRA Square 6 4-Pack | XTRSQSP4#1$109.95LCI/Lippert®
Mini Square 5 4-Pack | BL5SP4#2$109.95BAL®
XTRA 4-Pack | XTRSP4#3$129.95LCI/Lippert®
Mini 6 4-Pack | MN6SP4#4$109.95Various
Mini 5.5 4-Pack | MN5SP4#5$109.95Various
EQ Compact 4-Pack | EQ7SP4#6$149.95Equalizer Systems®

All Products by Popularity

This list is populated by overall sales and can change frequently. Use as a rough guide if a dealership doesn’t sell a specific type of RV. Always be sure to visually inspect the leveling system to ensure compatibility before recommending SnapPads.

Product Name & SKUPopularityMAP Price
XTRA 6-Pack | XTRSP6#1$179.95
XTRA 4-Pack | XTRSP4#2$129.95
PRIME 4-Pack | PRSP4#3$229.95
EQ Octagon 4-Pack | EQ8SP4#4$229.95
HiWay Plus 4-Pack | HIPLSP4#5$159.95
HiWay 8 4-Pack | HI8SP4#6$124.95
EQ Grand 4-Pack | EQ12SP4#7$269.95
HiWay 8 Bus 4-Pack | HI8BSP4#8$234.95
EQ Compact 4-Pack | EQ7SP4#9$124.95
Mini Square 5 4-Pack | BL5SP4#10$109.95
HiWay 10 Bus 4-Pack | HI10BSP4#11$249.95
EQ Grand Lux 6-Pack | EQLXSP4#12$324.95
EQ Grand Octagon 4-Pack | EQ812SP4#13$249.95
XTRA Square 6 4-Pack | XTRSQSP4#14$109.95
Mini 6 4-Pack | MN6SP4#15$109.95
BF 7 4-Pack | BF7SP4#16$124.95
XTRA XL Plus 4-Pack | XTR12SP4#17$239.95
BF 10 4-Pack | BF10SP4#18$229.95
HiWay 10 4-Pack | HI10SP4#19$179.95
PRIME 3-Pack | PRSP3#20$174.95
XTRA XL 4-Pack | XTRL12SP4#21$269.95
EQ Round 4-Pack | EQ0SP4#22$179.95
HiWay Bus 4-Pack | HI12BSP4#23$269.95
Rival 8 3-Pack | RV8SP3#24$99.95
Mini 5.5 4-Pack | MN5SP4#25$109.95
EQ Stable 4-Pack | EQSTSP4#26$199.95
Rival 10 3-Pack | RV10SP3#27$149.95

*SnapPad is a compatible accessory for use with leading RV and Motorhome brands that appear on this website. All other product and company names are trademarks of their respective owners. The trademark owners are not affiliated with the maker of this product and do not endorse this product.