Installation Challenges

Bent or Bowed Jacks

Jacks that are deformed, warped, or damaged can cause installation challenges, since they can prevent the SnapPad from “snapping” on fully. 

Depending on the extent of the bend or damage, there are some potential solutions:

  1. Use a ¼” shim under the side of the jack having issues during installation. This can sometimes help overcome minor bends and bows
  2. Perform a “soft terrain” installation on grass or turf. This can help force the pad over gently bent or bowed jacks
  3. Recommend the customer replace the damaged jack if possible. Equalizer Systems also offers a conversion foot upgrade kit for rigs with 9” round jacks as well.
  4. Avoid trying to install SnapPads on jacks that are clearly too damaged, rusted or bent. This can result in damage to the SnapPads or the RV leveling system.

View our Guide article for more information.

Clearance Problems

Some RVs have undercarriage configurations or wheel placements that present problems for SnapPad installation.

  • Wheel placement – for larger Bus style Class A Motorhomes with 12” rear jacks, we have found that the jack can be too close to the rear wheels for effective SnapPad use. Ensure that the SnapPad is not rubbing against the tires after installation on these kinds of set-ups. 
  • Undercarriage – Be wary of cross-beams and other obstructions that may cause clearance issues and installation challenges.

Ensuring Proper Compatibility

Due to the wide variety of jack sizes and types, there are more than 20 different SnapPad packages available. Be sure to match the correct SnapPad package with the RV leveling system in question. 

Refer to your product catalog or our website for guidance. You can use the RV SnapPad search tool located at our site for guidance, or contact us directly if you need more help ( or call 1-866-923-9538).

Also, note that the only way to be 100% certain on compatibility is to visually inspect the RV’s leveling system.

Installing SnapPads on the incorrect jacks can result in damage to the pads and the RV leveling system.

Damage During Install

It is possible to damage SnapPads during installation if the pad is not properly aligned with the jack. To avoid installation damage, it is best to install each SnapPad one at a time, and to use at least two people during the process (one to align the pad, the other to control the leveling system).

Note that damage during installation caused by misaligned pads is NOT an item that can be claimed under warranty.

Warranty Claims

Origen RV Accessories LTD. (Origen) Responsibilities:

  • Provides 2 year manufacturers warranty for both B2B & their B2C customers
    • Refers to any product defect or failure from the time of purchase
    • Does not include misuse and damage caused via re-installation or dragging them off while traveling over uneven terrain, pot holes or speed bumps.
  • Any mistake in product packing or incorrect shipment will be the responsibility of Origen.
  • B2C customers are REQUIRED to provide proof of purchase prior to receiving warranty work or replacements. Without proof of purchase the customer will be instructed to direct all questions and issues to the vendor they purchased from. No warranty or replacements will be provided to ANY customer without proof of purchase. 
  • In the case of damaged pads customers will be required to remit pictures of said pad and the pertinent landing foot. Without proof of damage no replacements will be provided. 
  • Will replace any lost or damaged pads at our discretion once the proper requirements are fulfilled.

Vendors Responsibilities

  • Are required to remedy any mistake (via replacement or refund) in shipment or product type issued to their B2C customers at their expense. 
    • Including if they recommend the improper version for the customer.
    • This is also true should the customer try to install the incorrect version (recommended by the vendor) and damage the pads. 
  • Vendors are encouraged to reach out to Origen with any questions regarding compatibility or customer service. 
  • Should it be proven the SnapPads were installed by the vendor for a customer in an incorrect manner resulting in lost or damaged pads, the replacement cost will be the responsibility of the vendor. 

Origen reserves the right to deny any suspicious claims from either vendors or end consumers for any reason. 

Register & Submit Warranty Claims, visit or contact Customer Service at 1 (886) 923-9538 and